About Us


David Snell Windows

David D. Snell Building Services Ltd. was established in 1992 with the specific intent to provide homeowners with the best home improvement products, installation and service at the best possible price.

We are  located in Mississauga, Ontario and locally owned and operated.

We believe very strongly that any homeowner choosing us can do so knowing that we truly want the best for them in every respect.

Here are 10 great reasons to deal with David D. Snell Building Services Ltd.:

  • Accredited with Better Business Bureau
  • Members of S.A.W.D.A.C. (Siding & Window Dealers Association of Canada)
  • Fully Licensed & Insured
  • Best Product Warranties
  • Highest Quality Workmanship
  • We do the paper work for ecoEnergy Grants
  • “EnergyStar” Certified
  • “Window Wise” Certified
  • Located in Mississauga and locally owned and operated
  • Polite, Professional, Curteous
  • Financing available including 6 month no payment option!

energystar1According to the C.D. Howe Institute of Canada “the biggest impact, by far, is the energy retrofit of homes when it comes to green energy savings.”

Always adhering to high standards for quality products and installation, and by providing exceptional service support, has enabled David D. Snell Building Services Ltd. to grow its business by adding satisfied customers every year.

We promise everything you have the reasonable right to expect from us…”AND THEN SOME”.